Borrel de l’Amour

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Borrel de l’Amour

Valentine’s day is approaching and that makes it the perfect time for our Borrel de l’Amour on 12 February at 21:00 at Café Sanders!

During this borrel we will be raising money for a project called Escola em Uganda.
The St. Mary’s School in Kikajjo, Uganda is a school founded by the NGO Training of Rural Women in Uganda (TORUWU) to provide education for vulnerable children. The children used to have class in unhealthy conditions, fortunately the project has already started to construct three classrooms and toilettes. We will be supporting Escola em Uganda in making sustainable change in their education system and in building a new school.
If you want to learn more about the project, go to this link: To learn more about the school and its project, click here:

We will hand out your bought roses and the cards anonymously to your loved one(s) on Borrel de l’Amour night while enjoying all possible cheesy love songs! It is not possible anymore to buy roses or cards!

So what’s better than supporting a good cause whilst drinking beer and dancing to love songs? See you there!

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