Our Association boasts a total of 12 different committees with a variety of objectives. There’s at least one for everyone! We want to provide you with some additional information about what being part of a committee exactly involves. All the applicants will have to take an interview. Out of all the candidates approximately five people will be chosen to form a particular committee. This will be the committee for the entire year. These people will be responsible for the organisation of all the activities assigned to that committee. To take part in a committee requires discipline, a feeling of responsibility and the will to cooperate, but most of all you will have a lot of fun! It will roughly cost you a few hours every week. Committee members organise activities together at meetings and independently. It is also a good addition to your resume, you get to know new people and acquire organizing/administrative experience. For the committee brochure, click here.

No picture: Financial Control Commitee and Eurovisie.

Acquisition Committee
Activity Committee
Career Committee
Conference Committee
Debate Committee
Educational Committee
Event Committee
Hitchhike Committee
Introduction Committee
Travel Committee