The Educational Committee is the newest committee of the SES. Seeing that SES organizes a lot of activities that are a lot of fun and also very educative, a new committee has been created in which activities will be organized that complement the courses in the European Studies curriculum. Here you can think of, for instance, a visit to the Hermitage museum during the course ‘the Other Europe’ together with a lecturer or the popular ‘The Hague Day’, which has been organized in previous years and where you will visit interesting European agencies or institutions. For example, we visited the ICTY last year, which is the tribunal where war criminals of the former Yugoslavia were convicted.

Board Coordinator 2018/2019: Jesse Schipperijn

From left to right: Siri Berntsen, Eva Soeterik, Daniël Adam, Sam Blokker , Marie Straßer, Jesse Schipperijn