The Eurovisie is the SES’ very own magazine. It is issued five times a year, four regular ones and one conference edition. It is a platform for students to write interesting articles about current European issues and topics. It also informs you about the upcoming SES-activities. Do you have a passion for writing and would you like to contribute to the magazine? Then we look forward to receiving your application for the Eurovisie. There is no deadline to sign up for the Eurovisie, so you can decide to join in the middle of the year if you like!

You can apply for Eurovisie by sending an email to

You can read our latest publication below, if you want to read more Eurovisie click here, or check out our website here!

Board Coordinator 2018/2019: George Bandy

Committee 17/18: Mats Licht, Sally Dixon, Hanna Blom, Joana Voss, Nikolai Markov, Daniël Adam & Sjors Roeters