George Bandy is this year’s Chair. Below you can read some more information about him. Do you have an urgent question for George? Send an email to

Full name: George Christopher Bandy
Age: 22
Major: Law
Nationality: British
City of birth: London
Year: 3
Coordinating committees: Eurovisie & Travel

Favourite course: Migration Law
Favourite UvA location: OMHP dungeon
Favourite part of Amsterdam: Oud-West
European Union crush: Theresa May’s dancing
Favourite European city: Ceuta & Melilla
Favourite European flag: The Welsh and Vatican City, both are nice.

Favourite drink: IJwit
Drink most likely to make you puke: Too much Chocomel or university coffee
Grenade shots: Always a good idea
Favourite drinking game: Danish beer bowling
Favourite club: Shelter
Favourite SES event: Career Dinner!

Favourite emotion: uploading your assignment in time
Favourite book: Sudoku from Jumbo
Likes to listen to: anything by Scooter
Favourite sports person: Mo Farah
Guilty pleasure: Making a family size pasta for one
Proudest moment: First marathon
Least proud moment: Sugar factory stairs
Favourite dog: Thijs Maartens
Life motto: “ting goes skrrrahh, pap, pap, ka-ka-ka Skidiki-pap-pap”