The one handeling the money this year is Jesse Schipperijn. If you need some tips on how not to spend all your money on beer you can always email Jesse on! Below you can find some more information about him.

Full name: Jesse Schipperijn
Age: 21
Major: Economics
Nationality: Dutch
City of birth: Laren
Year: Third
Coordinating committees: Career Committee and Educational Committee

Favourite course: Trials of Communism
Favourite UvA location: Bushuis
European Union crush: Carles Puigdemont
Favourite part of Amsterdam: Café de Engelbewaarder
Favourite European city: Barcelona
Favourite European flag: Gibraltar

Favourite drink: Whiskey Mule
Drink most likely to make you puke: Long Island Iced Tea
Grenade shots: Where is Maximilian Steiner?
Favourite drinking game: Rock-Paper-Scissors
Favourite club: Club Celtica
Favourite SES event: Brussels Weekend

Favourite emotion: Independent
Favourite book: Alle verhalen van Kikker en Pad
Likes to listen to: Ennio Morricone
Favourite sports person: Robin Haase
Guilty pleasure: Annoying Lieke Van Dijk
Proudest moment: Surviving an entire Intreeweek on crutches
Least proud moment: How I broke my foot
Favourite dog: Sjoerd
Life motto: REMUNTADA!