Julia Gieseck will be our Commissioner of Internal Affairs this year. She is there for all the members, so if you are ever experiencing any problems, Julia will be here to help you out and drink a nice cup of tea with you. Want to reach her? Email to internalaffairs@ses-uva.nl. For more information, see below.

Full name: Julia Johanna Gieseck
Age: 22
Major: Law
Nationality: German
City of birth: Frankfurt
Year: 2
Coordinating committees: Activity, Conference and Hitchhike

Favourite course: Economic and Legal Integration of Europe
Favourite UvA location: Bushuis
Favourite part of Amsterdam: Oud-West
European Union crush: Emmanuel Macron
Favourite European city: Edinburgh
Favourite European flag: Greek

Favourite drink: Dark & Stormy
Drink most likely to make you puke: Tequila
Grenade shots: NEIN NEIN NEIN
Favourite drinking game: Shot Roulette…
Favourite club: De School and Disco Dolly
Favourite SES event: Study Trip

Favourite emotion: Knowing you can sleep-in the next morning
Favourite book: When Nietzsche Wept – Irvin D. Yalom
Likes to listen to: Dutchies speaking (or trying to speak) German
Favourite sports person: Marco Reus
Guilty pleasure: Reading the end of a book first
Proudest moment: Winning a street fight in Bangkok
Least proud moment: Getting a black eye in a bicycle accident two weeks after classes started
Favourite dog: Rudi (my Dutch Decoy / Kooikerhondje)
Life motto: „As long as you’re going to be thinking anyway, think big.“ – D. Trump