Lieke van Dijk is the secretary of this year’s board. This means she emails a lot. Want to keep her busy? Send an email to Below you can find some more information about her.

Full name: Lieke Marleen van Dijk (aka Likey)
Age: 21
Major: Eastern Europe
Nationality: Dutch
City of birth: Hilversum
Year: 4th
Coordinating committees: Event Committee and Debate Committee (Join them!)

Favourite course: Post-Yugoslav States and Transitional Justice
Favourite UvA location: Red couch in the SEShok
Favourite part of Amsterdam: My house
European Union Crush: Federica Mogherini
Favourite European City: Hillywood
Favourite European flag: The European Union flag, we’re all in this together

Favourite drink: Malibu Fanta
Drink most likely to make you puke: Goldstrike
Grenade shots: Only on Tuesday between 21:00 and 01:00
Favourite drinking game: Shot roulette without Smirnoff Ice
Favourite club: Kleine Cooldown or The g-spot in Hilversum
Favourite SES event: SES Study trip

Favourite emotion: Being annoyed
Favourite book: De Schippers van de Kameleon
Likes to listen to: George Bandy’s bedtime stories
Favourite sports person: Lieke Martens
Guilty pleasure: Stalking new SES members on Facebook
Proudest moment: Becoming a board member
Least proud moment: Betraying SES for Skøll
Favourite dog: My two cats
Life motto: Morgen weer een dag