To sign up for SES, you pay a €25,- sign up fee for the first three years. After three years you pay €5,- for every year you want to stay a member. This membership has significant profits, which are far greater than the €25,- subscription fee, especially after the first three years when you only have to pay €5,- a year.

The SES offers its members a 10% discount on books, when they are ordered via SES. Apart from that, members will receive a SES membership card with which you can get the discount in Athenaeum bookstores.
Of course the SES does not only supply books to its members. Our committees also organize fun and interesting activities throughout the year. The Study Trip, multiple weekend outings, the career diner and our conference are a few examples. These activities are a great opportunity to meet new people and learn new things! Click here to read more about our activities.

Financial benefits
The SES membership also offers a financial benefit. The SES uses different activity prices for members and non-members, and SES members have the opportunity to partake in SES-only events. Are you interested in becoming a SES member? Click here to sign up!