SES Pub Lecture

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SES Pub Lecture

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights in certain parts of Eastern Europe and Russia have long been a cause for concern among human rights organizations. New worries about the rights of the LGBT+ community in Russia arose in March, as violations of human rights in the Republic of Chechnya created a lot of media attention. Mostly gay and bisexual men were beaten and tortured and several hundred people were targeted by governmental institutions. At least three, and reportedly as many as 20, were killed. SES organizes a pub lecture that focuses on the violation of LGBT+ rights in Eastern Europe. This pub lecture will entail different insights, to create awareness for this worrying conflict and the violation of LGBT+ rights in this region. There will be some experts from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who are using their expertise to make sure these rights are complied with. Besides the pub lecture will also entail some very personal views from people who fled the region so you will hear some first hand stories. Therefore you will get a very complete view of the situation.

The pub lecture sign ups have closed. Thank you for your interest, we are looking forward to seeing you Thursday!

WHERE: Bar Broker, Reguliersdwarsstraat 44
WHEN: 9th of November, 20:00