Rotterdam Day 2019 (SES only)

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Rotterdam Day 2019 (SES only)

As you will soon dive back into the second semester of the year, and because we know that you will want some distraction we’re inviting you to join our Rotterdam day on the 22nd of February!

We will have the opportunity to spend the whole day in the second largest city of the Netherlands. We will first visit the harbour of Rotterdam, an international economic center and the biggest port in Europe. After, we will visit the Maritime Museum of Rotterdam, where we have the opportunity to live an immersive experience into the challenges Rotterdam faces concerning the drug trade.

The participation fee will be €5 euros, and travel is free if you have a the weekday-valid Dutch OV ‘Studentenreisproduct’. Otherwise you will have to pay the train ride yourself, however we will help you by arranging a group-ticket.

You can sign up through the sign up link down below. See you the 22nd!