SES Merchandise

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SES Merchandise

FAKA SES-mates,

Things seem to be going up for all of us: temperatures are rising, the end of the year is approaching and Engelbewaarder put their terrace out a little while ago. But if you thought life could not get any better, you are ab-so-lu-te-ly wrong. Because Uncle SES would not be Uncle SES if he didn’t think of something to warm your sweet little SES hearts and spirits. He is very proud to present the very first season of the OFFICIAL SES MERCHANDISE! It’s a very cosy, aesthetically pleasing, black sweater. Not too warm for breezy summer nights, not too cold for freezing winter nights. You can wear it as a fashionable addition for your gym outings, or for when you are super brak de pak on your couch.

All of this, you can get for only 20,- from your sweet uncle by ordering them through the link below. Don’t be silly and wait too long, because this haute couture comes in limited editions!

All the love,
Uncle SES