SESxKES: I Amsterdam, I (Do Not) Agree

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SESxKES: I Amsterdam, I (Do Not) Agree

The Amsterdam municipal elections are approaching and politicians left and right are addressing topics that relate to the internationalisation of the city, such as housing, tourism, and the gap between haves and have-nots. You, as students residing in the city of Amsterdam, have the right to vote in these elections! To prepare you for the elections and let you speak your minds on these various topics, SES and KES (the European Studies alumni-association) have joined forces and present you with the European Studies House of Commons (or “the Lagerhuisdebat”).

The evening with be kicked-off with a short introduction on the topic, and our speaker for this introduction will select the best interventions during the evening. The debate will be moderated by Lenneke Hoedemaker, alumna of Europeans Studies. Topics that will be addressed:
– A lack of affordable housing, for students and midlevel income families, while ever more apartments become part of an investment portfolio.
– Tourists swarming the historical centre of town, by now a preservation site that it less and less suited to normal daily life.
– The University of Amsterdam is so attractive for international students that it is reconsidering its liberal internationalisation strategy.

To attend, please sign up through this ticket link (it’s free, of course)!