The Netherlands have way more to offer than our beautiful home city of Amsterdam. Join the SES on their yearly excursion to the epicentre of Dutch politics: The Hague. Besides being the political capital of our country, The Hague is host to many influential international organisations. During the The Hague Day one of these organisations will be visited, along with the embassy of one of the destination countries of the Study Trip (see below).

On the 21st of February we will visit the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia and the Polish embassy. To be sure we’re on time in the Hague we have to meet early in the morning. At 07:30 AM we expect everyone to be at Central Station. We will travel by train, so make sure you have charged your public transport card. After our visit to the Polish embassy, you will have some spare time to discover the rest of the Hague.

It’s a unique opportunity to get an impression of the institutions which are related to European Studies. On top of that, our visit to the embassy is a nice introduction regarding the SES study trip later this year!

At this moment, it is not possible to sign up for The Hague Day.