One of the most exciting activities of the SES is the yearly Study Trip. In 2017 we have visited Poland and Ukraine and last year we went to Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Talinn and Riga. The Travel Committee has the important task of organizing this yearly trip. They decide on a location, look for accommodation, organize transportation and make the day-to-day programme. This programme usually contains visits to universities, embassies, musea and famous historical sites. The aim of the Study Trip is to experience the culture of different European countries; the daily life, but also definitely the night life. The Travel Committee is usually the most sought after committee, so make sure you write an outstanding application!

Board Coordinator 2018/2019: George Bandy

From left to right: George Bandy, Viktória Simon, Maximilian Lehmann, Tobias Fisch, Isa Manten, Márton Antal, Bessie Slagt