Alexandra Kovalcikova

Name: Alexandra Kovalčíková
Age: 20
Nationality: Slovak/German/Russian
Place of birth: Bratislava
Year: Second
Major: East European Studies
Position: Commissioner of Internal Affairs
Coordinating committees: Educational and Debate Committee

Favourite European city: Vienna
Favourite Flag: European flag
FavouriteEU Law: Art 2 TEU
Favourite Import Product: Korean sheet masks
Favourite Unrecognized territory: Northern Cyprus

Favourite Instagram page to follow: any page that is committed to dogs
Favourite Drink: Holy Water
Favourite Club: Subclub in Bratislava
Favourite Spot in Amsterdam: Oosterparkbuurt
Favourite Meme character: So hard to choose, but I guess it’s the confused math lady, she speaks to me on a personal level
Favourite Holiday: every day is a blessing <3

Favourite SES Event: SESMUN!!
Proudest SES moment: Not having fallen off my bike on the way to a club (yet)
Least proudest SES moment: Being pulled out of the sloot during Active Members Weekend
Favourite SES-related song: Old Town Road, especially when it’s blasting in my ear after a night out
Favourite UvA food: I feel very strongly about the mustard soup

Guilty pleasure: Being way too invested in the Kardashians
Spirit animal: Kris Jenner (see?)
Emoticon: emoticon? Did my mom write this?
Smirnoff Ice? Only if its for Rüüüben
AirPods? If you see me looking around aimlessly, I’m probably looking for mine (or my will to study)
Life Motto: Life is really shitty sometimes, but not always