Kring Europese Studies (KES) is the alumni circle for European Studies at the UvA, and its open for the alumni of European Studies.

The KES wants to maintain and promote the contact amongst the alumni, but also between the current students, the alumni and the staff of European Studies. KES keeps its members informed on relevant developments within the fields of European Studies, and offers various activities.

The KES regularly organizes meetings where alumni can come meet each other and network. Therefore, the KES is the perfect place to follow up on developments within European Studies at the UvA, to exchange ideas and experiences and to keep and expand your network.

So are you at the point where you are going to leave the SES, or is your bachelor or master thesis in its final phase? Then become a member of the KES in order to stay informed on the developments within European Studies at the UvA and keep in contact with former fellow students and other alumni. KES hopes to see you at one of their events!

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