The Association

The Association

Founded in 1987, the Study Association for European Studies has grown to be the largest of its faculty. We work to complement the programme a deepening of our understanding of European Studies through our lectures, debates, day trips, study trips and other study-related activities. We also have our magazine – the Eurovisie. It contains many interesting articles about Europe and related subjects, but also about the latest developments within the association. Besides a deepening of our knowledge, the social side of the association is also an important factor of what the SES does. We meet every Tuesday night for drinks in Café Sanders. We also throw a number of fantastic parties every year. And not unimportantly at the start of every semester we sell our members study books at the lowest possible prices. In order to achieve all of the above and more, we form 13 committees every year to organise the events and projects

The Advisory Board

The Advisory Board holds an important function as ‘controller’ of the board and the association as a whole. We help the board by giving advice if needed, but we also keep an eye on the question if the association articles are being respected and if the board policy is in line with the long term interests of the SES.

We are in regular contact with each other and with the board. By reading the minutes, decisions and agenda’s, we are up to date about the current affairs within the SES.

In case there is a situation which cannot be solved with the board, please don’t hesitate to contact us via

In 2018-19 the Advisory Board consists of Bram Groenteman, Julija Filipovic and Finn McCartney.


To keep the association transparent for its members, you can find the official documents below.

If you would like to see the articles of the SES, click here (English) or here (Dutch).

If you would like to see the standing regulations of the SES, click here (English) or here (Dutch).

General Assemblies

Here you can find the minutes of the General Assemblies.

Minutes General Assembly 08-09-2015
Minutes General Assembly 01-03-2016
Minutes General Assembly 07-06-2016
Minutes General Assembly 13-09-2016
Minutes General Assembly 28-02-2017
Minutes General Assembly 06-06-2017
Minutes General Assembly 22-06-2017
Minutes General Assembly 12-09-2017

Minutes General Assembly 20-02-2018                                                                    

Minutes General Assembly 05-06-2018

Minutes General Assembly 11-09-2018

Minutes General Assembly 12-02-2019