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SES Membership: 

To sign up for SES, you pay a €30,- sign up fee for the first three years. After three years you pay €5,- for every year you want to stay a member. SES membership has significant benefits, which are far greater than the €30,- subscription fee.

There are many financial benefits coming along with SES membership, however, first and foremost being a member makes your student life in Amsterdam a whole lot more fun! You can become an active member by being part of a committee and organize one of our many diverse events in a relaxed and collegiate group. This gives you the opportunity of learning many new skills, such as communication or organization, as well as meeting other like-minded students from your program. SES activities range from more serious events, such as a Career Dinner, conferences and debates, to our weekly Borrel in a cozy Amsterdam bar. We also organize several themed Borrels and pub quizzes and pub lectures. Next to a couple of weekend outings, one of our yearly highlights is the Study Trip, where we take a big group of SES members to countries such as Russia, Turkey, Albania, Kosovo, Ukraine or the Baltic countries (just to name a few) in a period of 10 – 12 days. Click here to read more about our activities.

The SES offers its members a 10% discount on books, when they are ordered via SES.

Financial benefits

SES membership also offers several financial benefits. At SES events, our members pay a reduced fee, compared to non-members. Furthermore, some events are organized solely for our members, for instance our yearly study trip.

In the beginning of the academic year, SES organizes an Introduction weekend for our new members, where we take approximately 70 first year students on a fun weekend away. You can find more information here. If you have any questions about the membership, the Introduction Weekend or the SES in general, feel free to send an email to

You can find the articles and standing regulations of SES by clicking here. By submitting this form, I agree with the articles of SES, the standing regulations of SES and the conditions mentioned above. I also agree that SES will share my payment information with Mollie in order to successfully process your payment.

Note: There are different ways to pay. With Ideal you pay directly. When you choose to use bank transfer, you have 15 day to transfer the money by clicking on the link in your mail.

If you want to pay in cash or by card with our PIN machine, you can come by the SES office weekdays between 11:00 and 13:00. If you want to pay your SES membership with cash or card, please use this sign up form instead of the form below. Remember, your sign up is only valid from the moment we receive the money! Always make sure that a board member is with you who can sort out your payment when choosing this option.