The application period for the SES Board of 2022/2023 is now open! 

Every year, five enthusiastic European Studies students are brought together to form the next SES Board. As a Board member, you are responsible for the daily functioning of the association, coordinate the committees, help organise the events, and connect with external parties. It’s a brilliant opportunity to meet new people, become (even) more organised, develop your skills, and have an incredibly fun year.

This new post has been developed to give a clearer insight into the procedure for selecting the new Board, as well as to help candidates in knowing what to expect and ways to best prepare.

The application process for a position in the SES Board constitutes of two steps: (1) sending in a motivation letter and your CV and (2) attending an interview.

  1. Motivation Letter

The motivation letter should be one A4 page in length. You can start off by introducing yourself, and then present your goals, ambitions and expectations for your Board year. You can also choose to talk about what your motivation is for applying for the Board. Let us know if you have any previous experience that you think will help you with your tasks. You are more than welcome to present any ideas that you might have for our association and how you think we can develop the association further. Finally, you may also mention if you are applying for a specific position within the Board and why. Don’t worry if you are not sure, this is not a must. The Board Selection Committee will make sure everyone gets the best position for their skills and experience.

Keep in mind these are just some guidelines to get you started – we encourage you to be as creative as possible when writing your motivation letter. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through!

Please send your motivation letter and CV to the Board Selection Committee at by the 19th of May, at 23:59

  1. Interview

After submitting your motivation letter and CV, the Board Selection Committee will invite you for an interview. Together we will aim to find a mutually available time slot either on the 26th or the 27th of May. Interviews will last between 30 and 45 minutes. Interviews this year will be held in-person, unless unforseen circumstances do not allow this. More information on this will follow as soon as possible. 

Since the main aim of the Board Selection Committee is to get to know the applicants, interviews will mostly be in the form of a dialogue. This means that applicants also have room to ask questions and elaborate on topics they deem the most important themselves. An interviewee is expected to introduce themselves and specify his or her relationship with the study association in general. The Board Selection Committee will continue to ask questions based on the information provided in the motivation letter or elaborate on topics brought forward by the applicant. In order to find the most suitable candidates for the SES Board of 2022/2023, we are generally interested in your personal goals and expectations of a Board year, as well as your broader vision and ideas regarding the association. We are also interested in your prior experience and what you have gained from this. Please make sure to be familiar with the positions that the Board consists of beforehand and think about what might be a good fit for you personally. Although personal preferences will be taken into consideration, these are not guaranteed and will depend on which composition is expected to benefit the association the most. 


Before your interview, we encourage potential candidates to reach out and talk to the current Board regarding their experience and what they can expect from a Board year. Having a clear overview of the association and what a Board Members’ tasks and responsibilities are may determine the position(s) you wish to apply for.

We recommend that candidates understand how the Board year will be successful alongside their academic plans. The workload of a Board Member varies throughout the academic year with some periods being more time consuming than others. Accounting for the commitment a Board year entails should be well understood and that it is not the same as a committee. In order to get a better understanding what each position within the Board entails click here

All applications are kept anonymous by the Board Selection Committee. Though if you would like to tell others that you’re applying then you’re very welcome to.

We hope that applicants consider all the information we have provided on this page and find it helpful in preparing for their application. If you have questions about any part of the application process, you can get in contact with us at  

The key dates to be aware of are:

– 6th April: Applications open

– 21st April: Board Information Evening

– 19th May: Applications Close

– 26th-27th May: Interview Days

– 21st June: SES General Assembly, where Board is presented and voted upon