Café Crawl

Dear first years, we have taken you on a bike tour through the city, we have shown you the beautiful canals of Amsterdam, and we will organise a fun game of Bumper Football soon, but the best is yet to come: a Café Crawl! The Introduction Committee and the Board will set up a challenging scavenger hunt in which you and your teammates have to solve riddles to find the next bar. In every bar, a committee or board member will welcome you, and you can enjoy a nice beer while figuring out where to go next. It is important to bring a bike, and if you still haven’t bought one, you can also rent an OV bike at Central Station. The costs for the Café Crawl will be 6,- euros but that includes a free drink as well. We will end at Amstelhaven so that you can attend the borrel afterwards. So if you want to explore the nightlife of Amsterdam and find out where the best bars are located, sign up quickly!