The debate committee has the main task of organizing the annual SESMUN and several debates throughout the year. During the SESMUN, we simulate a meeting of the European Council, in which each participant represents one of the member states and discuss controversial subject matters within the European Union. The debates and pub debates organized by the Debate Committee will cover topics that are currently relevant in the European sphere and will be explained in depth by guest speakers, lecturers and talking groups, after which a debate will follow.

The Debate Committee consists of a Chair, a Secretary, a Treasurer, a Commissioner of Promotion and a Commissioner of External Affairs.

Board Coordinator 2020/2021: Renata Rîmbu


Debate Committee 2020/2021, from left to right: Lana Laković, Lou Messiaen, Max Holl, Karen Splint, Tina G. Samoilă, Renata Rîmbu.