Name: Emilie Charlott Ihde
Age: 21
Nationality: German
Major: European Law
Position in the board: Treasurer
Coordinating committees: Activity & Educational

Nickname: Emmels, Emse, Emsky
Favourite film: Inglorious Bastards
Favourite series: Modern Family
Favourite quote: “Das Internet ist für uns alle Neuland.”- Angela Merkel, 2013 (‘The internet is unchartered territory for all of us’
Favourite European ruler: Sanna Marin
Go-to karaoke song: Zucker – Peter Fox feat. Vanessa Mason
Favourite flag: Argentina
Favourite drinking game: Rage Cage (That’s the actual name, Jordy!)
Favourite time to live in: 50s in Paris
Favourite SES-song: Pump it – Black Eyed Peas
Favourite drink: White Wine & Skinny Bitch
Favourite superpower to have: being more creative
Favourite holiday: Winter holiday
Favourite European city (excluding Amsterdam): La Rochelle
Favourite food: anything sweet potato
Gravestone quote: Error 404 Gravestone quote not found
Where can someone find you at a house party: wherever it is, I´ll be lost talking or singing along
Favourite UvA teacher: Mylène Dobrijevic
Favourite actor: Andrew Scott