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General Assemblies

What is a General Assembly? 

A General Assembly is a meeting in which all SES members are invited and even encouraged to participate.

The function of the General Assembly is to discuss, debate, and make recommendations on subjects pertaining to the functioning of the association.

There are three mandatory GA's held every year, during the GA, the board gives a general update on everything that has been going on within the association so far. 

Updates on the implementation of the policy plan, the current budget of SES, including incurred costs and planned expenses as well as updates on committee work and more are on the agenda for the General Assemblies.

Why are General Assemblies organised? 

General Assemblies are SES' way of keeping the board accountable. The members are asked to voice any concern they may have with what has been going on within the association and what the board has done/is doing. 

General Assemblies are also SES' way of keeping the association as democratic as possible, because important bodies such as the Board, the Advisory Board, the Financial Control Committee, the Board Selection Committee, etc. are all voted in by the members of the association. 

What is my role as a member? 

General members are the most important participants of the General Assemblies as they hold the most voting rights. 

Your role is to attentively listen to what is presented and discussed during the GA so you can make the most informed decision possible during the voting procedure. 

Your voices shape the future of SES and thus it is crucial that as many members participate as possible!

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