Q&A: Health insurance

Why do I need a Dutch health insurance?
Health insurance is required by law for anyone who lives in the Netherlands. You need a Dutch health insurance on top of your EU insurance. You have to get health insurance within 4 months after registering at the municipality. The UvA suggests to use AON as a health insurance provider. This is really cheap and they are used to working with students coming from abroad.

Click here to find more information about health insurance on the UvA website.

How do I get a doctor?
In order to get a doctor, you need to have a valid Dutch health insurance and a BSN. You have to register with a doctor before you can go there. Because of this, it is a good idea to register with a doctor early in the year because then you are able to go if you should suddenly get sick. As an international student, it is an advantage to register with the expat doctor located in Amsterdam city centre. They are used to international customers and everything is conducted in English, which makes it all a lot easier.

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