Intreeweek 2020

From the 24th until the 28th of August, the University of Amsterdam will host its official introduction week: the Intreeweek. The annual Intreeweek introduces over 3000 students to the city of Amsterdam and life as a student in general.
To guide the new students, the Intreeweek Committee is looking for pairs of students aka parents, who are willing to guide a group of first years during this week and show them around Amsterdam and some of your own favourite places.
You and your partner can sign up below. (You can only sign up in pairs, but let us know in case you are looking for someone, then we will try to ‘match’ you.)

If you don’t want to be involved in the whole week, but you still want to go to the legendary Techno party on Wednesday or the Closing Party on Friday, then sign up as a crew member. By taking over a shift at an Intreeweek event, you can earn free access to the two parties. One shift will only last one hour, and you can give your preferences when you want to work. Please scroll down to find the sign up form.

We hope to see you at Intreeweek, further information will follow soon!

Sign up here for becoming Intreeparents:

Sign up here for becoming a crew member: