Jeroen van Osnabrugge

Age: 19
Nationality: Dutch
Year: Second
Major: Eastern European Studies
Position: External Affairs
Coordinating committees: Acquisition, Activity & Conference
Favourite foreign film: Der Untergang
Secret talent: Opening beer bottles with my hands
Favourite anthem: Auferstanden aus Ruinen
Favourite quote: “I can’t stand y’all… y’all praying for my downfall” – Brittany Broski
Favourite European Ruler: Emperor Nero
Favourite Eurovision entry: Conchita Wurst
Go-to karaoke song: Africa by Toto
Biggest pet peeve: Tourists in Amsterdam
If you were a salad, what kind of salad would you be? Lasagna
Favourite flag: the DDR flag
Favourite drinking game: True European
Spirit animal: Slutty sloth
Favourite condiment: Ketchup
Guilty pleasure: Bartenders
Favourite TV character: Clara Oswald
Favourite Board member: Jeroen
Dinner with one person dead or alive: Vladimir Lenin
Favourite SES event: City Day
Proudest SES moment: how much fun everyone was having at the Christmas Market in Maastricht
Least proud SES moment: Christmas Gala
Instagram: jeroen.v.o
Facebook: Jeroen Van Osnabrugge