Name: Jordy van den Brink
Age: 21
Nationality: Dutch
Major: 1st Eastern European Studies, 2nd European Politics
Position in the board: Secretary
Coordinating committees: Event & Hitchhike

Nickname(s): Jor, Jorrie, Jordo
Favourite film: Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
Favourite series: Game of Thrones (minus the last season)
Favourite quote: Sic Parvis Magna (Greatness from small beginnings)
Favourite European ruler: Peter the Great of Russia
Go-to karaoke song: Billy Joel – Piano Man
Favourite flag: the flag of Amsterdam
Favourite drinking game: Stresspong (No Emmi, it’s actually called stresspong!!)
Favourite time to live in: The height of the Roman Empire
Favourite SES-song: Jennifer Lopez – Let’s get loud
Favourite drink: Anything but tequila
Favourite superpower to have: Flying
Favourite holiday: Kingsday
Favourite European city (excluding Amsterdam): Antwerp
Favourite food: Pizza
Gravestone quote: Game over
Where can someone find you at a house party: At the drinking games part
Favourite UvA teacher: Sudha Rajagopalan
Favourite actor(s): Ryan Reynolds