Name: José Josefina
Age: 23 y/y
Nationality: “legally” Dutch
Major: European Economics
Position in the board: Commissioner of External Affairs
Coordinating committees: Debate, Conference and Acquisition

Nickname: Joselito
Favourite film: The Conjuring (franchise)
Favourite series: American Horror Story
Favourite quote: The only thing that matters in this world isn’t white or black, it’s GREEN – AHS-Apocalypse
Favourite European ruler: None :)
Go-to karaoke song: Let it Go – Frozen
Favourite flag: Japan
Favourite drinking game: Danish beer bowling
Favourite time to live in: Present Time (For obvious reasons :))
Favourite SES-song: Alejandro by Lady Gaga
Favourite drink: Coffee or Dark n’ Stormy
Favourite superpower to have: Telekinesis
Favourite holiday: Halloween
Favourite European city (excluding Amsterdam): Milan or Malaga
Favourite food: Any kind of stew with mashed potatoes
Gravestone quote: At least he tried… ♰♰♰
Where can someone find you at a house party: Outside 😏
Favourite UvA teacher: Sudha Rajagopalan
Favourite actor: female: Jennifer Lawrance; male: Johnny Depp