Leonard Kersting

Name: Leonard Kersting
Age: 20
Nationality: German
Place of birth: Bremen
Year: 2
Major: Eastern Europe Studies
Position: Secretary
Coordinating committees: Travel & Introduction

Favourite European city: Amsterdam of course!
Favourite Flag: Albania
Favourite EU Law: Bananas should not be too bendy
Favourite import product: Turkish Delight
Favourite unrecognized territory: Kosovo

Favourite Drink: Home-made Mojito
Favourite Instagram page to follow: petinyiri_aka_gomba
Favourite Club: Disco Dolly
Favourite spot in Amsterdam: Homeland/Docs at the Maritime Museum
Favourite Meme character: Fietsopa
Favourite Holiday: Weekend after exams

Favourite SES event: Active Members Weekend
Favourite SES-related song: Freed from Desire (Sophie’s on fire)
Proudest SES moment: Arriving in Berlin after 14 hours of hitchhiking
Least proud SES moment: Late night Pizza in Sofia
Favourite UvA food: Caldi e Freddi

Guilty pleasure: Binge watching Friends
Spirit animal: Alpaca
Emoticon: 🙃
Smirnoff Ice? As long as it doesn’t come from Maren Günther and Julia Gieseck
AirPods? Better save your money for the study trip
Life Motto: Arriba, abajo, al centro, pa dentro