SES Model United Nations

Every year the Debate Committee organizes the SES MUN. A Model United Nations, or short MUN’s, are simulations of committees in the United Nations, or in our case the European Union. Each participant will be assigned one of the countries represented in the European Council and express her or his country’s beliefs in the debate. It will be an engaging and dynamic experience, a chance to challenge others in a European Council / United Nations style discussion. The main benefit of participating in a MUN is challenging and developing your debating skills. In order to advocate for your country’s stance and to bring forth a suitable solution to the issue, you have to argue convincingly and be able to negotiate with other members. Participating will therefore not only give you the opportunity to learn more about the highly substantial topic, but also foster your public speaking skills, test your capability to solve problems and advance your diplomatic abilities! Previous topics have been: ‘European Youth Unemployment’, Cyber Security and ‘Revising the Common European Asylum System’!

At the moment, it is not possible to sign up for the SESMUN, but keep an eye on the site!