Nell Detré

Age: 20
Nationality: Belgian
Year: Third
Major: European Law last year, European Culture this year
Position: Internal Affairs
Coordinating committees: Career, Hitchhike & Media
Favourite foreign film: Women at war
Secret talent: Undiscovered
Favourite anthem: I don’t even know the Belgian anthem
Favourite quote: “If you were a building you would be PCH”
Favourite European Ruler: Prince Carl Philip of Sweden
Favourite Eurovision entry: I have never watched a single episode
Go-to karaoke song: Watermelon Sugar
Biggest pet peeve: When people tell me to stop shaking my legs while sitting
If you were a salad, what kind of salad would you be? Goat cheese, walnut and fig
Favourite flag: The Rainbow Flag
Favourite drinking game: 21
Spirit animal: I wish Renata’s mom was my spirit animal, but some will tell you that I am a sea-cucumber
Favourite condiment: Bicky sauce
Guilty pleasure: Shaming Myriam
Favourite TV character: Chandler Bing
Favourite Board member: Nell
Dinner with one person dead or alive: Joep Leerssen obviously
Favourite SES event: Lustrum Gala (you can still sign up)
Proudest SES moment: Our successful first borrel of the year
Least proud SES moment: Some part of the 2019 Study Trip
Instagram: @nelldetre
Facebook: Nell Detré