Partners of SES

The SES is cooperating with several external parties. Would you like to become a partner of SES? Please click here or send an email to

The SES is proud to have a partnership with the following institutions:

AIESEC is the world’s largest youth-led organisation that creates a positive impact on the world through personal development and shared global experiences. AIESEC and SES have established a partnership,

to provide SES members with the best trainings, internships and volunteering opportunities to develop our members.

Click here to see the website of AIESEC and learn more about their work.

The SES is a proud partner of Athenaeum, one of the largest independent bookstores in the Netherlands. Athenaeum is located on multiple places in Amsterdam, most notably the bookstore on the Spui. Thanks to our partnership, the SES is able to offer its members a discount on certain books.

Click here to read more about Athenaeum and click here to see their website!

AthenaStudies is an organization that organizes tutor courses for students. The organization is meant for and led by students with a strong focus on quality. We’ve built a team of top students from every discipline in order to guarantee the best tutor courses possible.

Click here to read more about AthenaStudies and click here to see their website!

Kring Europese Studies
Kring Europese Studies (KES) is the alumni circle for European Studies at the UvA, and its open for the alumni of European Studies. The KES wants to maintain and promote the contact amongst the alumni, but also between the current students, the alumni and the staff of European Studies. KES keeps its members informed on relevant developments within the fields of European Studies, and offers various activities.

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European Studies Think Tank
The European Student Think Tank is an International Organization that involves young people in the European policy-making process and promotes the values of the European Union and Human Rights. Run by young people and for young people, we organize events across EU institutions, analyze European affairs and work with a network of Ambassadors to our organization, who represent the EST across Europe.

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