SES is the study association of European Studies at the University of Amsterdam. SES has over 350 members and organises dozens of events throughout the academic year, ranging from debates and conferences to parties and weekly borrels. We are always looking for external partners to cooperate with to enrich our students in as many ways as possible. Since our study program has five different specialisations (law, culture, history, economics and Eastern Europe) it can be very interesting for you as an external partner to work with us. This is because you are assured of attention among a large group of students, faculty and alumni.

What makes a collaboration with SES interesting:

  • More than 350 members with a broad interest
  • A website with more than 7500 visits per month
  • A Instagram account with more than 750 followers
  • A Facebook page with a reach of 1700 people
  • SES’ very own magazine; Eurovisie, with a total of 5 editions per year with topics ranging from the five specialistion listed above.
  • A weekly newsletter sent to all our members. On an annual basis, there are over 40 editions.

Would you like to become a partner? Please send an email to!

AIESEC is the world’s largest youth-led organisation that creates a positive impact on the world through personal development and shared global experiences. AIESEC aims to provide the SES members with the best training, internships and volunteering opportunities.

ALPHA is the faculty association for the study associations and magazines of the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Amsterdam. ALPHA was founded in 1999 when the Faculty of Humanities was also founded at the UvA.

ASVA has several services to make your student time easier. At their student desk in CREA, you can ask all your questions about studying in Amsterdam. They can also assist you free of charge if you need legal help. For example, if you have problems with your landlord or student finance. They also sell bikes cheaply every Tuesday.

SES is a proud partner of Athenaeum Boekhandels, one of the largest independent bookstores in the Netherlands. Athenaeum is located on the Spui. Thanks to our partnership, SES is able to offer its members exclusive discounts on course books.

AthenaStudies provides the SES students with tutor courses and course summaries at an exclusive price. AthenaStudies has built a team of excellent students from every discipline in order to guarantee the best services courses possible.

Esperia is the study association related to European Languages and Cultures at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. Thanks to the affinity of their programs, SES aims to work closely with Esperia.

E&U For The Climate is an international student-led initiative driven by the commitment to inclusive sustainability, environmental action and global justice. SES collaborates with them to pursue its Green Commitment, and raise awareness about the topics.

International Student Service is here to make your life easier! They help you organise all of your basic needs before you leave your home country. This ensures that you arrive in the Netherlands stress-free, and ready to begin your study!

Kleio was founded in 1929 and is the study association for History students at the University of Amsterdam. SES and Kleio share the office at the UvA and often organize joint events, both educational and recreative.

Knaek. is an app that provides exclusive discounts to students in 28 cities in the Netherlands and Belgium. Thanks to our partnership, SES members are benefitting from special discounts on meals, drinks and groceries. offers a unique service to the SES members: the easy comparison of insurance plans, energy plans and internet plans to find prices within students’ reach.

SES is one of the study associations at the University of Amsterdam. In collaboration with the UvA, SES aims to enrich the life of European Studies students throughout their study programme.

SES is one of the signees of the Green Commitment. The Green Commitment is a non-binding contract between (UvA) student bodies and the UvA Green Office. By signing, student bodies commit to pursuing sustainability within their organization.