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SES Park Day

Having withdrawal symptoms from intreeweek? Worry not, the introduction committee is here for you, ready to kick off the academic year with the annual SES park day🥳🥳

We are thrilled to welcome the newbies and reconnect with older members while sipping drinks and playing some SES favourites like flunkyball and beerpong! Want to know more about the different majors or the cutest spots to grab a coffee in the city? Want to know more about student life in Amsterdam or SES? Then join us and meet your peers. Grab your beers and enjoy the last rays of sun at vondelpark on the 7th of September from 13:00 onwards! We'll be sharing the exact location on our instagram stories!

Bring your blankets and your booze, your sunnies and sunscreen😎

See you on the 7th!

Love, the introduction committee <3

Date: 7th of September

Time: 13:00 onwards

Location: Vondelpark (exact location will be shared on the SES instagram and in the SES Alerts groupchat)


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