Pub Lecture: Populist Conservatism and Post-Democracy in The Netherlands

On the 15th of March, the Dutch parliamentary elections will take place. It will be an important day for the Dutch people, as the way of policy-making of the next 4 years will be decided. Therefore, SES will organise their first ever pub lecture on this subject on February 15, exactly one month before the Dutch elections.

We invited two European Studies professors to enlighten you about this subject in the cosy living room setting of Café Kostverloren in Oud-West. First up will be Matthijs Lok, who will talk about the history and rise of conservative populism in the Netherlands. The other speaker will be David Hollanders about the divorce of democracy and capitalism: post-democracy in the Netherlands.

We hope to see you all on this unique SES-event! There’s limited spots available, so click here to sign up!