Q&A: Bank Account

Do I need a Dutch bank account?
Yes. For example, most supermarkets do not accept credit cards and run solely by means of a Maestro card.

What are the required documents you need to have, before you can make an appointment?
The following documents are generally required in order to create a Dutch bank account:

  • A valid ID (a residence permit if applicable);
  • BSN (burger service nummer), which you’ll get when you register with the BRP or direct from the tax office;
  • proof of address (bevolkingsregister extract, utility bill, rental contract etc.).

Which are the most common Dutch banks?
The main Dutch banks are: ABN-AMRO, ING Bank and Rabobank.

How do I get in touch with the different banks?
Thanks to its partnership with ING, the UvA offers an easy way to create a Dutch bank account. Click here to make an appointment.