Q&A: Burger Service Number (BSN)

What is a BSN?
BSN (Burger Service Nummer) is the Dutch social security number. This is the first thing you should get when you move to the Netherlands.

Why do I need a BSN?
You need the BSN when you have any interaction with the Dutch authorities. Besides this, you need it to get a job, a bank account or health insurance. Therefore, it is very important that you get a BSN as fast as possible.

How do I get a BSN?
If you have a start appointment with the UvA before the academic year starts, you will get help getting a BSN at this appointment. If you do not have a start appointment, you have to go to the city hall to get a BSN. You will get it when you register yourself at the municipality. You should register yourself within 5 days after your arrival in Amsterdam if you stay more than 4 months. When registering you need to show a valid ID (passport or national identity card – a driver’s license is NOT valid), a proof of registered address in Amsterdam (e.g. a tendency agreement) and a printed version of your proof of enrolment at the UvA.

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