The tasks of the secretary are very diverse and can generally be labeled as administrative tasks. The secretary holds most of the administrative power of the board. The secretary manages multiple email accounts, the website, the newsletter, and the minutes. This gives the secretary has a clear overview of (almost) everything that is going on in the association administratively. 

Because the secretary is responsible for three email accounts, namely, and, the secretary is often the first contact person of external parties but also for members themselves. For the website, the secretary is responsible for publishing events, allowing members to sign up for events, but also for maintaining the website, updating pages published on the website and adding new pages and posts. When it comes to the weekly newsletter, as secretary you have to send out the newsletter every Monday of the week, excluding holidays. For the newsletter, committees send in a promotional text for an event they want to promote. The minutes; minutes are very useful to look into what was said and when by whom. The secretary has to take minutes during the board meetings, the general assemblies, and the think tanks. Last but not least, as secretary, you are also the vice-chair of the board. This means that if something happens to the chair the secretary will have to act as acting chair.

In case you want to contact the secretary send an email to