Name: Sophia Bombeld
Age: 21
Nationality: Hungarian, Dutch and Cuban
Major: Law
Position in the board: Chair
Coordinating committees: Career and Eurovisie

Nickname: Sophie
Favourite film: Dead Poets Society
Favourite series: True Detective (strictly season 1)
Favourite quote: “Here comes the dictator” (Orbán) – Juncker
Favourite European ruler: Renata Rîmbu
Go-to karaoke song: Macklemore – Thrift Shop
Favourite flag: Cuban
Favourite drinking game: Danish Beer Bowling
Favourite time to live in: Present time
Favourite SES-song: Boogie Wonderland
Favourite drink: Whiskey Sour and/or Espresso Martini
Favourite superpower to have: Being able to chug an ICE
Favourite holiday: Summer
Favourite European city (excluding Amsterdam): Budapest (can’t beat the two euro pint)
Favourite food: French fries
Gravestone quote: This is deep
Where can someone find you at a house party: Snacks.
Favourite UvA teacher: Zamira Xhaferri
Favourite actor: Matthew McConaughey