Sophie Eisenberger

Name: Sophie Jhelisa Eisenberger
Age: 22
Nationality: Dutch
Place of birth: Amsterdam
Year: Fourth
Major: European Economics
Position: Chair
Coordinating committees: Lustrum and Career Committee

Favourite European city: Paris
Favourite Flag: Amsterdam XXX
Favourite EU Law: EU Charter of Fundamental Rights;
Article 20: Equality before the Law
Favourite import product: Sambal
Favourite unrecognized territory: Republic of Rose Island, yes, it’s a movement.

Favourite Drink: IJwit
Favourite Instagram page to follow: @insestmemes
Favourite Club: Pacific Parc, RIP
Favourite spot in Amsterdam: Eastside, you’ll regularly will find me strolling through the Javastraat on Sundays
Favourite Meme: I guess I’m getting too old to understand this properly
Favourite Holiday: Christmas

Favourite SES event: Study Trip
Lil’ shout out to the best committee ever @Eva Soeterik @Julia G @Titi @Lieke @Julija
Favourite SES-related song: Bao Zhu Yi Sheng Da Di Chun-Huan Ying Xin Nian Dao – Various Artists. Available on Spotify, it’s a classic.
Proudest SES moment: Getting everyone – including Pearse with a British paper emergency passport – safely home from Russia on the study trip
Least proud SES moment: Having a mental break down the day after
Favourite UvA food: Ice Tea Green for the hangover

Guilty pleasure: Karaoke singing! First years; prepare yourselves.
Spirit animal: Wombat
Emoticon: -_-
Smirnoff Ice: Again?
AirPods: I’ll lose them anyways, so not for me.
Life Motto: ‘If opportunity doesn’t knock, built a door.’