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Bachelor European Studies and Its Students

European Studies at the University of Amsterdam is a fast-growing Bachelor’s course that attracts many internationally oriented students.  It is an interdisciplinary programme, which means that the lecturers and tutors are from various fields of research. Our students choose their own set of courses whereby they specialize in their field of interest. The majors are: European economics, European law, European history, Eastern European studies and European literature and culture. European Studies graduates will have developed unique academic abilities in a broad range of fields. They have a clear insight into the ideas and structures underlying present-day Europe. Besides English, they are also able to professionally use one of the many modern European languages. Experts on Europe are needed in practically every sector of society. Graduates also take up positions in various organisations, including:

  • European institutions such as the European Commission, the Council of Europe and the OSCE;
  • International business and consultancy;
  • National government bodies such as ministries and municipalities;
  • Intergovernmental organisations, such as the United Nations (UN);
  • Research or policy advice;
  • Newspapers and other media, publishing and cultural industries.

They will also be ideally suited to positions where there is a demand for the ability to combine knowledge of multiple disciplines, language and culture. As they have developed a strong international orientation, their options are not limited to the European job market.

With the beginning of their studies, the students will enter a new phase. Many students need some time to settle in Amsterdam. One of the places they can find shelter in is a study association. The Study Association for European Studies (SES) currently has 750 members and is thus one of the biggest study associations from the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Amsterdam. Our activities are promoted actively, through which we reach a large public/amount of people. Furthermore, in 2015/16 the Bachelor European Studies opened up an English track, which means that there are also international students within the study association. The international students are of great value for our association. As a brand new student there is a lot to explore in Amsterdam, which is even more true for internationals. They have to look for a bicycle, a new mobile phone provider, banking house or health insurance. Right here are the opportunities for many companies and organizations. However, not only the new students are interesting – Study Association for European Studies is also home to a large group of older/senior students. These students are somewhere along their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree/programme and are often looking for a job or internship.  They are easy to reach through the medium of our association.

Sponsorship and advertising opportunities

There are several sponsorship and advertising opportunities. You can help our study association to increase the amount of events, or simply expand the events we organize. For example, our annual conference, our debates and our foreign travels. This is a great opportunity for you to familiarize students, especially in the beginning stage of their university years, with your company or organization. We have several platforms through which it is possible to promote your company. We have come up with packages that are available for sponsors.

The SES offers a lot of different ways to promote your company or product through us.
We have come up with packages that are available for sponsors.

Social media package
Promotion through social media. This entails Facebook, the SES week-mail, the website of the SES and the SES account on Instagram. The amount of promotion, and which platforms exactly can be discussed.
– Our Facebook page has 1500 likes, which means that promotion through our Facebook will make your promotion reach a lot of people. Students of European Studies are liking our page, which means that the reach will be Dutch and International students.
– Our newsletter is sent to 355 students every week. The newsletter is used to update our members about upcoming activities, events, vacancies and current happenings within the university.
– We have just built a new website on which it will be possible to have a banner advertisement. Our website is visited often, since the members have to visit it in order to sign up for events, and it is also used to promote interesting events from the SES or external parties and to make our students aware of relevant internships or possible jobs.

Partner of the SES (General)

A partner of SES means that the SES will promote your company, in exchange for discount for our students at your company. This will of course give you more customers, and give a beneficial outcome for our students.

Another way is promotion for your company/organization through the SES, in exchange for a share of the revenue you will get from SES-members.

Every year, the SES organizes a conference. The Conference is usually a big success, not only amongst students of European Studies, but also teachers, parents and students from outside European Studies. The Conference discusses and looks in to current affairs, and it has opening speeches by the main speakers, multiple seminars to get deeper knowledge and an end-debate between all the invited speakers.

The Conference package entails that you can get promoted at the annual SES conference. Promotion at the conference will entail the chance to put up a banner at the conference itself and the ability to distribute promotion material at the conference.


Promotion through the Conference+ package will make you a partner of the conference. This will enable you to have your logo on the Conference poster and flyers besides distributing promotion material at the event itself.

Career Dinner

The Career Dinner is a yearly event, where the SES invites their students to sit down to eat dinner with professionals from within a working field of their interest. Every year the categories are: Economics, Law, Politics, Culture and Eastern Europe. Besides the five fixed categories, there is a sixth one, which changes every year. In earlier year this category has been e.g. Human Rights. The Career Dinner is aimed at students that have finished their first year of European Studies, and therefore it attracts a lot of older students, who are looking for possible jobs and internships.

The Career Dinner package entails that you can get promoted at the annual SES Career Dinner. Promotion at the Career Dinner will entail the chance to put up a banner at the Career Dinner.

Career Dinner+

If you choose the Career Dinner+ package, you will become a partner of the Career Dinner. This means that you can get your logo on the poster of the event, besides other benefits such as distributing promotion material at the event itself.


Every year the SES is hosting a debate. The debate is always about a current topic, and it is discussed by invited speakers, with activity from the participating students.
The Debate package entails that you can get promoted at the annual SES debate. Promotion at the debate will entail the chance to put up a banner at the debate itself and the ability to distribute promotion material at the debate.


The Debate+ package entails that you can get promoted at the annual SES debate and at the SES MUN (Model United Nations) The promotion package Debate+ will include your logo on the posters of both the events, the ability to put up a banner at the debate and the MUN and the chance to distribute promotion material at both the events.


The EuroVisie is the Magazine of the association. The EuroVisie magazine has an issue of 250 and is published five times a year. It gets distributed between the students and staff of European Studies, but also students from other studies within the Faculty of Humanities. Dutch and International students, along with some of the teachers are writing the articles, through this it reaches all students of the association. Besides this, there is also an online version of EuroVisie posted on issuu.com and the magazine has its own Facebook page where interesting articles and news are posted.

Promotion through EuroVisie can be an ad, or an article about your company. You can decide if you want just one ad, our have ads placed for a whole year.


It is always possible to negotiate and put together your own sponsor packet, which fits your needs the best.