Name: Stijn Hoogvorst
Age: 20
Nationality: Dutch
Major: Economics
Position in the board: Commissioner of Internal Affairs
Coordinating committees: Travel, Introduction & Media

Nickname: Stinna
Favourite film: Baby Driver
Favourite series: How I Met Your Mother
Favourite quote: “It’s Gin…No no no wait tonic…. no no no gin” – Marjolein Regtuit
Favourite European ruler: Jean Claude Juncker
Go-to karaoke song: Piano man
Favourite flag: Seychelles
Favourite drinking game: True European
Favourite time to live in: In Amsterdam when it was newly built
Favourite SES-song: SHUM
Favourite drink: Joshua’s Espresso Martini
Favourite superpower to have:
Favourite holiday: 5th of may, Dutch Liberation day
Favourite European city (excluding Amsterdam): Valencia
Favourite food: Pad Thai
Gravestone quote: Great Father, Loving Husband, Slap Bet Commissioner
Where can someone find you at a house party: Playing Rage Cage
Favourite UvA teacher: Netflix star Joep Leerssen
Favourite actor: Taika Waititi