Debate: The EU – Mercosur Free-Trade Deal

On the 21st of November, the Debate Committee is inviting you to join us for our first debate of the year! The topic will be: ‘The EU – Mercosur Free-Trade Deal: Putting Economical Gain over the Environment?’. We invited two experts in the field as guest speakers: Prof. Dr. J.H. Zeitlin, an expert in transnational relations and Dr. L.J. Ankersmit, who is a researcher on the impact of laws on environmental protection. More than a classic debate, this event of the Debate Committee is about explaining the trade deal and based on this, develop a discussion on the pro’s and con’s of it.

The debate will be open to all: lovers of passionate discussions but also students who want to find out more about this topic, experienced in debating or not. The debate is free, but please register down below if you are attending! 

The Debate Committee