The Futures Market

The Career Committee is proud to announce its next event: “The Futures Market”.

Our hugely successful Career Dinner saw 36 European Studies students join up with 12 influential and well-respected professionals representing a range of career choices. The event was a resounding success, and gave students an idea of the summit of their potential career paths after completing their Bachelor’s degree. However, even Ukrainian ambassadors and Dutch diplomats have to start somewhere. The Futures Market will revert focus back to the crucial first steps one must take at the beginning of a promising career.

At The Futures Market, students will be given the opportunity to listen to and learn from a series of presentations given by a carefully assembled group of young professionals, PhD candidates, Masters students and representatives of various potential internship paths, who will tell you all about how they got where they are now.
Our European Studies degree programme is often praised for its interdisciplinarity, but a varied and diverse study programme can also make it difficult for students seeking a more specialized career beyond the broad limits of European Studies. The Futures Market will provide invaluable insight into exactly what options you have upon completion of your degree.

A Q&A session will follow each presentation, encouraging further discussion before a borrel where students can mingle with our guests, with complementary drinks and snacks provided throughout.