Viktoria Simon

Name: Viktória Simon
Age: 19
Nationality: Hungarian/Russian
Place of birth: Budapest
Year: 2
Major: European Law
Position: Commissioner of External Affairs
Coordinating committees: Acquisition & Event

Favourite European city: Drama, Greece, sounds like the place to be
Favourite Flag: i love them all equally
Favourite EU Law: Free movement of people
Favourite import product: tequila
Favourite unrecognized territory: Ukraine (sorry Daniel)

Favourite Drink: definitely not beer
Favourite Instagram page to follow: @simonviktoriav follow her
Favourite Club: De Charme, Albania
Favourite spot in Amsterdam: Singel Library
Favourite Meme character: Theresa May dancing
Favourite Holiday: Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day

Favourite SES event: the Beach Day
Favourite SES-related song: anything by Yung Euro
Proudest SES moment: chugging an entire bottle of Smirnoff Ice
Least proud SES moment: mentioning Smirnoff Ice so much in this interview
Favourite UvA food: the latte duh

Guilty pleasure: icing Ruben
Spirit animal: Miranda Priestly
Emoticon: 👩‍🦰
Smirnoff Ice? Always
AirPods? Sorry couldn’t hear you, I’m wearing AirPods
Life Motto: Life is too short to wear ugly clothes