Studying is a tough time. As result, many students often struggle with stress and other (mental) problems, such as loneliness in the face of the pandemic. SES always tries to be there for its members. Therefore the SES has created this page to support students and their (mental) well-being. Below, you will find essential contact information for who of us is struggling to push through these difficult times. For any questions you might have, the Board members are happy to provide a safe space for any conversation.

  • Emergency numbers: in the event of a life-threatening situation, do not hesitate and call these numbers.

    General emergency number: 112
    Suicide hotline in the Netherlands: 113
    Emergency line (office hours): +31 (0)20 525 2889
    Emergency line (evenings and weekends, press 9 to prioritize): +31 (0) 88 00 30 600

    List of suicide hotlines per country

  • Study advisors: If you have questions about your study planning, have doubts about your study choice or have suffered a study delay due to illness or personal circumstances, you can visit the study adviser.

  • UvA psychologists: for non-emergency matters, you can book an appointment with a university psychologist without a referral letter from a Dutch doctor. As of March 2021, the waiting list is 8 weeks long: the student body is advocating for more support in this sense.

  • Student doctor: every UvA student can register with a university doctor and book an appointment. A doctor will support you directly or refer you to specialists. The address is as follows, and you can register at the link below.

General Practitioners Practice UvA / Huisartsen Oude Turfmarkt
Oude Turfmarkt 151
1012 GC Amsterdam
T: +31 (0)20 525 2878/4772
F: +31 (0)20 525 2917

  • UvA Well-Being: a collective of students that provide a safe space and protect the health of all students at the University of Amsterdam.

  • Frisse Gedachtes: Do you sometimes feel lonely, do you find it difficult to study and/or motivate yourself, or do you just need someone who listens to you? Your student days are not always fun. Frisse Gedachtes is a free platform where you can contact psychology students or experience experts anonymously. You choose the student you want to chat with anonymously and free.

  • Wondr Walk:  Wondr Walk is a student-driven project (from UvA students) that connects young people from Amsterdam for weekly walks. These walks are meant to boost social connection during these challenging times.  The four-week program consists of four different walks. Each walk has a different theme connecting to wellbeing. The participants will be provided with ice-breakers, guiding questions and a small activity. These are only meant as guidance, of course, but they help the wondrers to make the most out of connection and reflection! Once people sign up, pairs are matched based on the living area in Amsterdam, common hobbies and interests.