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The Association 

Founded in 1987, the Study Association for European Studies at the University of Amsterdam has grown a lot since. The Association's primary objective is to enhance the European Studies program by organizing a variety of activities such as lectures, debates, day/weekend trips, study trips, and many more study-related activities.

We also produce our very own magazine - the Eurovisie magazine. Eurovisie contains many interesting articles about Europe and other contemporary related subjects, as well as the latest developments within the association.

But SES is not just all about academics. We also know how to have a good time! Every Tuesday night, we get together for drinks at our favorite borrel location, and we throw some awesome parties throughout the year.

Thanks to our reach and connections we can also provide our members a very good discount at the beginning of each semester for European studies related books. 

To make all of this happen, we form 13+ committees every year to organize these events and projects. We're all about creating a supportive and enjoyable community for European Studies students.

The Advisory Board 2023.jpg

The Advisory Board

The Advisory Board assumes a crucial role as the overseer of both the board and the association at large. Our primary objective is to support the board by offering guidance and counsel whenever necessary.

Additionally, we diligently monitor board's actions and ensure that they are in accordance with the association's articles and we also make sure that the board's policies align with the long-term interests of the Study Association.

Regular communication is maintained among the Advisory Board members themselves and with the board. By thoroughly reviewing the minutes, decisions, major contracts, and agendas, we remain well-informed about the ongoing affairs within the SES.

Additionally to advising and helping out the board, we also function as confidential advisors for anyone within the association, not just the board. 

Should a situation arise that cannot be resolved directly with the board, we warmly encourage you to reach out to us via


Just like the European Union, we're all about transparency as well! Below you can find all the official documents available. 

If you would like to see the articles of the SES, click here (English) or here (Dutch).

If you would like to see the Standing Regulations of the SES, click here.

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