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SES boasts a lot of different committees that each have their own specific field of work. 

Consequently, we can not just offer our members a lot of events, but also a lot of very different events and activities, ranging from educational and academic activities such as the Conference, the SESMUN, Museum trips, etc. To fun events like a bowling night, a karaoke night, beach days, themed parties, etc. To even bigger things such as weekend and longer study trips. 

A few of our events are free and open to everyone, SES and non-SES members alike. However, some events require a sign up/participation fee that differs for SES members and non-SES members, some of our events are also only exclusively open for SES members, such as the Weekend and Study Trips. 

New events are always announced on our Instagram page, Whatsapp Groupchats, and of course, on our Website.



Below is a small selection of our events from last year. Make sure to read up on them if you're interested in joining our association! 

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