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Lustrum Year

The Study Association for European Studies was founded in 1987 and ever since then, we celebrate its anniversary each 5 years in a form of a Lustrum Year. The academic year of 2024/2025 is one of them, which creates an exciting opportunity for larger, more creative and robust occasions to meet, do exciting activities and celebrate. All of that clearly requires more work, which calls for an extra committee - The Lustrum Committee!

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A special year

The  Lustrum Year promises unforgettable moments! Picture reconnecting with alumni at our exclusive meetups, stepping into the glamour of the Lustrum Gala, and dancing the night away at a grand party. But the excitement doesn't stop there—brace yourself for thrilling adventures like our past ski trip or hitchhike. Building on the success of past celebrations, this Lustrum Year is set to surpass expectations, offering a diverse array of experiences that capture the essence of our vibrant association. Get ready to be part of a year filled with memories that will last a lifetime!

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The Lustrum Committee

Get ready for an extraordinary Lustrum Year with the Study Association for European Studies! Our dedicated Lustrum Committee is on a mission to create unforgettable experiences, innovative activities, and a sense of community throughout the academic year. Join us in celebrating this milestone, as we redefine our association's spirit and make this anniversary truly exceptional. Stay tuned for ways to get involved and be part of the excitement!

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The signups for this committee open in February 2024!

Together with the Introduction Committee, you can sign up through an upcoming form, which will be accessible through the button bellow. Wondering what it might be like to work on the committee? Check out the the Introduction, Travel or Party Committees, as they might be similar. However, any kind of experience from a committee counts!

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